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The Power of Poker

If you’re a serious poker player in North Dakota—or any other state, for that matter—don’t miss all the exciting action at Roughrider poker tournaments. They’re held in lots of locations around the state, such as Mandan, Devils Lake, Bismarck, Harvey, Minot, Rugby, Stanley and Jamestown, to name a few. The participants are out to play honest poker, win money and have some serious fun.

Intense poker players know that luck is a big factor in the short run but that skill predominates in the long run. Professional poker players play down the luck aspect by consistently making superior mathematical decisions and therefore win sooner rather than later. Novices are seldom lucky and might lose tons of money if they are uncomfortable dealing with experienced players. Experienced players know how to put on that poker face, and they have their plans firmly in place.

Though poker is most popular in the United States, some historians say its beginning can be traced back to a domino card game played by a 10th-century Chinese emperor. Meanwhile, others assert that it descends from a 16th-century Persian card game called as nas. Poker’s closest European predecessor was poque, which piqued everyone’s interest in 17th-century France.

But no matter how and where the game evolved, we love today’s version and get a huge adrenaline rush from the first moment we sit down at a table.

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Roughrider Poker Tour is now accepting bookings for 2021! For bookings and more information, contact President/CEO Jerry Sorrells at or 701-426-7280. And follow Roughrider Poker on Facebook and Twitter!

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