Event 12B "Knockout Tournament"-Our Place Tavern-$150 Buy In-Earn $20 For Each Person You Knock Out Of The Tournament!-Featuring B.B. Ante Only Structure-***20,000 Starting Stack!!!***NOON START TIME!!!***

Our Place Tavern, Bismarck ND

February 19th, 2023

Sponsored by Bismarck Hockey Boosters Inc. (G-0298)


Tournament registration begins at 11:00am, cards will be in the air at NOON! $150 Total buy in. Earn $20 for each person you Knock out of the tournament!! 

***Players start with 20,000 in chips!!!***

30 minute levels. Re-entry and late entry will be available thru level 9. (Approximately 5:45pm)

General Big Blind Ante Tournament Rules

Ante is posted by the player in the Big Blind ONLY. Ante is posted PRIOR to Big Blind.

In the event that the player in the Big Blind has less than the required amount to post both the Big Blind and the Ante, the Big Blind will be posted first. The ante will then be posted with any remaining chips.

When the final table reaches four-handed play, the Ante amount will be reduced to the equivalent of the small blind. Once heads up, the ante will be removed.

All late entry's will be sold a full stack. Play will continue until a winner has been declared. The final table will be 10 handed, TDA Rules apply.

Our Place Tavern

Address: 1305 E Front Ave, Bismarck, ND 58504, USA

Phone: +1 701-223-1901

RPT $150 Mega Stack Series B.B. Ante Only Structure



1st- 100 - 100

2nd- 100 - 200-12 MINUTE BREAK

3rd- 100 - 300

4th- 200 - 400-12 MINUTE BREAK

5th- 300 - 500

6th- 300 - 600-12 MINUTE BREAK

7th- 800 400 - 800

8th- 1,200 600 - 1,200

9th- 1,600 800- 1,600-30 MINUTE DINNER BREAK, REMOVE 100'S FROM PLAY

10th- 2K 1K - 2K

11th- 3K 1,500 - 3K


13th- 6K 3K - 6K

14th- 8K 4K - 8K

15th- 12K 6K - 12K -12 MINUTE BREAK, REMOVE 1,000'S FROM PLAY

16th- 15K 10K - 15K

17th- 20K 10K - 20K

18th- 30K 15K - 30K

19th- 40K 20K - 40K -6 MINUTE BREAK, REMOVE 5,000'S FROM PLAY

20th- 50K 25K - 50K

21st- 100K 50K - 100K

22nd- 150K 75K - 150K

23rd- 200K 100K - 200K