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RPT Leaderboard Points System


Your participation points will vary based on the buy in amount. Here are a few examples:


$100 Buy in- 1.0 points

$150 Buy in- 1.5 points

$200 Buy in- 2.0 points

$300 Buy in- 3.0 points

$400 Buy in- 4.0 points

$500 Buy in- 5.0 points


Your "In the $ Bonus Points" will change to a flat 10 points no matter how many entries the tourney has once you hit the money. Reason for doing this is no matter if it is a 50 entry field, or 100 entry field the same percentage of players will make the money. Percentage wise it is just as difficult to make the money no matter the entries. 


Your "Place Finished Points" will stay the same. Here are a few examples:


You finished in 10th place for $282. You receive 2.82 points

You finished in 5th place for $820. You receive 8.20 points

You finished in 1st place for $5,080. You receive 50.80 points


Re-entrys have no barring on the points system, regardless of if you entered once or twice, you get the same amount of points. Also if there is any kind of chop done to cut in the bubble, the bubble will not be receiving points. Also any chop done at the final table will not alter the way the points are awarded. Even if there is an even 3 way split for example, whoever gets 1st 2nd and 3rd will get points according to the way the original payouts were structured.


2024 RPT Player of the Year will receive a $5,000 package to the 2025 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. 






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